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As a writer, I offer in depth coverage of issues effecting our lifestyles from health and family life to politics, fitness, food and more.  I add a reassuring slant that takes the focus off fear-based journalism,  a global perspective to expand our view on universal issues and humor to take the edge off serious subjects.  My goal is to educate, inform and entertain my readers with stories that impact their lives and show them how their lives impact others.  If they have a little fun along with that, all the better.                               

The Labor Nurse – Since You Asked

I used to answer reader’s questions every week over on my column:  Fit Pregnancy’s Ask The Labor Nurse, but we’re changing things up over there. While I’m still writing Ask The Labor Nurse (eight years and counting), I’ll now answer reader emails right here on my own website

I’ve been talking and blogging women and men through the confusing, befuddling, disturbing, exhilarating and super funny parts of their pregnancies, births and parenting from pre-conception through the toddler years forever.  I’ve worked in women’s health, maternal health, newborn care and more for more than 30 years, 25 of those as a registered nurse.  I’ve been a mom to many for decades too, which adds to my arsenal of experience to draw from.

I’ve been writing about these topics and others for more than a dozen years for magazines, blogs, websites, newspapers and of course, in my book, The Complete Illustrated Birthing Companion. 

I know how complicated pregnancy can seem so I’ve written up My Simple Seven Tips For Having Your Best Pregnancy and Birth and made them available for free on my website.  Each week, I’ll tackle another question or two right here at  The Labor Nurse – Since You Asked and we’ll get through all of this together.  Feel free to email your questions to


Jeanne Faulkner


All the stuff that’s on my mind that’s related to maternal and women’s health, politics, feminism and activism, parenting and writing and then some. August 4, 2014 I found this old piece I wrote about aging and my dogs on … Continue reading

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10 Tips for Staying Married Forever

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My husband and I will soon celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary. We got married way too young and the odds were probably stacked against us and yet, here we are so many years later and we’re still together. We’re not celebrities, not wealthy, not in the spotlight and not any different than anybody else who has picked a lifetime partner. We’ve been through some seriously great times together but we’ve also been through some shit and I mean real-life shit that could be way too much for some couples to withstand. So what’s the key to our longevity? It’s pretty simple. We’re happy together, we like each other’s company and we’re still genuinely in love. That accounts for most of why we’ve been able to stick it out while other couples can’t. We have other keys though and here are ten of them:  Read More

This week’s Huffington Post piece is tearing up the InterWebs

Misleading Evidence, Why Maternal Health Is Not Plummeting In The U.S.

Guest blog I wrote for Jennifer Pastiloff’s Manifest-station

When Jennifer wrote about her gratitude for a long career as a waitress, even including the crap customers, she inspired me to write about my own experience as a long-time labor and delivery nurse.  She posted my piece, titled, In Gratitude for a Long Career on her website last week.  Check it out.  Jen’s blog is wonderful.

Speaking at the Big City Baby Shower

Christy and me at BCBS


Click on this link and Use password ami123 to watch our clip.

This week’s video – My Review of The Good Mother Myth

My Review of The Good Mother Myth

My YouTube series – Talking about women’s and maternal health

My YouTube series – Talking about women’s and maternal health

The Complete Illustrated Birthing Companion Has Arrived

After much dedication and work I am pleased to announce the arrival of a book I coauthored. The Complete Illustrated Birthing Companion can be found here.

Every Mother Counts

I’m writing for my favorite organization – Every Mother Counts, a global maternal health advocacy organization.  Check out some of my articles and the work we do to help mothers around the world.





The Dark Side of the Family_ Why Domestic Violence Increases During the Holidays and Pregnancies 





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Niger: Food Crisis or Ground Floor Opportunity



Huffington Post   Niger: Food Crisis or Ground Floor Opportunity

Ask a woman when she was hungriest, she might say when she was pregnant or breastfeeding. Ask a man and he might remember being a teenager, growing several inches a year. If you ask me, it was when I was driving home from work, pregnant with my first baby. Continue reading

It’s All About the Wedding: How Preventing Child Marriage Can Help Eradicate Poverty

Despite her obsession with My Fair Wedding, when my daughter turns 12 next month she’ll have a birthday cake and a slumber party, not a wedding cake and marriage. As an American girl, she’s lucky to grow up in a culture where girls can choose who and when they’ll marry, that values women’s contributions to the workplace and society; where motherhood is something a girl can aspire to (or not) when she’s ready, not while she’s still a child herself.

Little girls getting married sounds like a reality TV mash up of Toddlers & Tiaras meets Housewives of the Developing World. Unfortunately, it’s reality for 25,000 child brides (and grooms, but mostly brides) who get married every day. In the developing world, one in three girls under the age of 18 is married, one in seven is under 15 and it’s not uncommon for 10 year-olds to marry men three times their age…Continue reading this Huffington Post article (Click Here)