It’s All About the Wedding: How Preventing Child Marriage Can Help Eradicate Poverty

Despite her obsession with My Fair Wedding, when my daughter turns 12 next month she’ll have a birthday cake and a slumber party, not a wedding cake and marriage. As an American girl, she’s lucky to grow up in a culture where girls can choose who and when they’ll marry, that values women’s contributions to the workplace and society; where motherhood is something a girl can aspire to (or not) when she’s ready, not while she’s still a child herself.

Little girls getting married sounds like a reality TV mash up of Toddlers & Tiaras meets Housewives of the Developing World. Unfortunately, it’s reality for 25,000 child brides (and grooms, but mostly brides) who get married every day. In the developing world, one in three girls under the age of 18 is married, one in seven is under 15 and it’s not uncommon for 10 year-olds to marry men three times their age…Continue reading this Huffington Post article (Click Here)

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