Addiction, Admission and Astrology

Since I’ve been sober a dozen years, I like to tell people I now have only one vice – coffee.  Unfortunately, that’s a lie.  While I do love coffee and I’m totally addicted to my two super-strong cups every morning of the blackest, darkest and, hottest, it’s not my only vice.  I’m also addicted to horoscopes – daily, weekly, monthly, hell if I could get them hourly I’d opt in.  I don’t just read one horoscope either. Nope, true confession time:  I have six different horoscope apps on my phone and I read them all first thing in the morning.  Then, later in the day, I go online and read a few more.   I have my regular astrologers that I’ve been going strong with for years, but there’s no bigger thrill (sad, right) than finding a new one and seeing if they’ve got the stuff.

Why on earth would a smart woman rely on astrology to launch her day? It’s because I’m a total sucker for that kernel of hope/nugget of guidance that horoscopes provide.  It’s because I like to believe there are stars (and spirits, ancestors and angels – I’m into those too) guiding me through this random-order life.  I like to believe that the universe has its shit together and a bigger clue than I do about what’s going on around here.  When every day starts with pure potential and it’s own bevy of complications, I love the simplicity, clarity and certainty that astrology provides to put my day in order.

But why six horoscopes?  Because one of them is short and sweet, another is sappy but always positive, another is scientific and anotheris girlfriendy.  One tackles career and money and another is long and thorough.  If one of them is daunting or hints that it might be a rocky day, I hit another one that projects the day with a rosier glow. I’m not a nut. I don’t plan my schedule around mercury retrogrades and avoid signing contracts during specific transits of the moon and starts. I do, however, find that fairly often, my horoscope is quite accurate about predicting certain events, moods, and occurrences.

Do I truly believe this stuff?  Meh…sometimes yes, mostly no, but that’s not the point.  The point is that horoscopes offer guidance, wisdom and optimism. They shed a wee bit of light on a life that’s often murky and confusing.  Why do I read them?  Because when it comes right down to it, horoscopes provide hope and that’s my real vice:  I’m a total hope junkie.

In Sickness and in Health

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July 28, 2014

July 28, 2014

It’s been a tough week for women in the world.  In Gaza, the Ukraine and Syria, women are bearing the brunt of wars waged primarily by men, fought in the name of religions in which women have very little power.  They’re burying their children, nursing their injured sons, husbands, brothers and daughters without the benefit of medical support or social services.  They’re hustling for whatever scraps they can find to make lives for themselves and their families while enduring unimaginable terror, violence and grief.

Here in the U.S., women are waging battles we thought we’d won decades ago – battles for autonomy, equality and human rights.  Our battlefields are our bodies, our workplaces, our homes and schools.  We’re fighting for our rights to own our health, direct our healthcare and control what happens to our bodies.  We’re battling for childcare and for jobs that pay living wages.  We’re demanding that schools prevent harassment, bullying and violence directed at us simply because we’re women.

While men also need safe places for their children, jobs that pay them appropriately, and protection from bullying and harassment; it’s not much of a generalization to say that women bear the brunt of gender-based violations.  It’s women who are overwhelmingly the victims of sexual assault, domestic violence and workplace harassment.  It’s women who feel they have no choice but to leave their children in the park so they can work at jobs that don’t afford them the luxury of childcare.  It’s women who learn at their mothers’ knees that catcalls, unwanted advances and comments and even rape are part of being a woman.

And yet it’s also women who are writing about, talking about, and advocating for change. It’s mothers teaching their daughters that they don’t have to stand for it any more.  It’s women who are creating opportunities for growth and inspiration and finding ways to support each other through good times and bad.  So yes – it’s been a tough week for women, but revolution is always tough and women have always stepped up.  I think this week is going to be just that much better.

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